How to add a currency at Gravity Form

How to add a currency at Gravity Form

I was working for a client who was in need of the currency ‘Indonesian Rupiah’ which is not present in great gravity form. Hmm, then I opened all the php files in notepad++ and searched for the term “Hong Kong Dollar” .. I got the term from the settings page of gravity form where form one can change the currency.

Then I got a file named ‘currency.php’. After that it was very easy.

 “HKD” => array(“name” => __(“Hong Kong Dollar”, “gravityforms”), “symbol_left” => ‘HK$’, “symbol_right” => “”, “symbol_padding” => “”, “thousand_separator” => ‘,’, “decimal_separator” => ‘.’, “decimals” => 2),

Every entry was like this, so I appended the following line and updated 🙂

“IDR” => array(“name” => __(“Indonesian Rupiah”, “gravityforms”), “symbol_left” => ‘Rp.’, “symbol_right” => “”, “symbol_padding” => ” “, “thousand_separator” => ‘,’, “decimal_separator” => ”, “decimals” => 0),

Viola, it’s done 🙂

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