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Launetra Delivery App

  • Client Origin: Lithunia, Vilnius

    The android app is designed and developed using minimal amount of code.

    This app has three sides – client side, server side, driver side. In client side, client will receive an email whenever his package is delivered by the driver as soon as driver log in and push complete button.

    In the server side, company uploads all the data of respective batch directly to the database via an excel sheet. So it is highly easy to use. In the driver side, the driver has to login and mark stuffs complete.

    This app has an awesome client satisfaction rate – which means every client gets immediately notified as soon as the package got landed. It’s one of the Aeron7‘s signature app as well as first designed and developed android appilication.

    Worth Mention:

    This app has two versions, one uses more resources and looks more attractive and another one is minimal.


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