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Bohr Industries

  • Client Origin: Freetown, Sierra Leone


    This website is made for Bohr Industries.

    Over the years of specializing in construction business, Bohr Industries has been expanding its service range and increasing its base of customers. It’s based on Freetown, Sierra Leone. This website is compatible with multiple languages.

    It’s right now a PR1 website.
    This site has an awesome video slider and highly interactive – which means every people who opens the site tends to get engage, which is very good for business. It’s one of the Aeron7’s signature website. It’s one of its kind.

    Worth Mention:

    This website is an awesome example of having video slider and interactivity.

    “The designer who makes more than you can expect.The programmer, who works regardless of the time limit.The person, who we wish all the best.The best experience we have ever faced in history. ”

    – Joshua Letcher,

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