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Subrat Photography

  • Client Origin: Bhubaneswar, India


    We had developed the site in Adobe Flash, although the client was satisfied but the as Flash has no content management system, it became a headache to remove a single image or append or edit. So we made it in wordpress.

    We must consider that this is our first website developed in WordPress. This site provide everything that you need to “WOW” your visitor with your photo, video, or even music. From Integration with Google Direction, Ajax Contact form with Professional Email notification, and also we integrated Google SMTP. Here is few highlights of the project:

    • Front slider with Video support
    • Unlimited Portfolio Size & built in LIKE function
    • Continous Music playlist
    • SEO Optimized

    Do let us know which version is more enjoyable.

    Password Protected Portfolio and Download Item Option is one of feature that you can use to deliver client work.