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Cool Interesting News

  • Cool Interesting News is our sister project. Here at the CIN we investigate, analysis and try to explain all of the unexplained phenomenons. We just loved this media channel.

    sister project

    This website is made using the same platform and theme which Aeron7 is currently using. Prior to Aeron7, this project has some point worth mentioning. Do visit and Get Subscribed.

    • The initial website is built in “Secound Touch” which is quite a versatile theme.
    • Robust SEO performance.
    • Importing 1000+ articles and developed them in good structure.
    • This website has a page view over half a million per month generating a handsome amount of revenue.
    • It’s a good example of affiliate marketing as well as Google Adsense.
    • Responsive and Retina Ready.
    • Application of Sales Tunnel using Newsletter Management system.
    • It also has an amazing popup in specific pages.



    Plugins Used:
    Crumina Slider, WP All Import Pro, My mail, Ninja Popup

    Mentionable Techniques:
    Sales Funnel