Removing ‘From the Blog’ from Elegant Themes Deepfocus

Removing ‘From the Blog’ from Elegant Themes Deepfocus

Haha, if you’re in this page, then you are stuck out with the inspect element task we generally give to our employees. Inspect element is an indeed powerful tool!

Breaking out wordpress themes is one of my fav job, it’s more or like investigating a murder subject. Finding the perfect code which is responsible and replacing that shit with your more shitty stuffs.

I was working on Deepfocus theme for my client and they are industry, so they were pretty obvious unhappy to blog here and there and there are far more important facts which are more important than this.

So here is how I did the thing.

1. I copied all the theme folder and run a scan for PHP file (Simple windows search).

2. Open them in Notepad++ (My favourite editor)

3. Then find the term ‘From the Blog’ as there is no option in the backend to change this bit of text, it is pretty assumable that it is a constant string and viola got a hit on home.php

4. Next step is to prepare what to put there. Since there is a option to change the texts in the ‘services’ and this ‘about us’ section, I decided to copy ‘Services’ there. So when client gives me what to put, I will replace the original services thing from backend (middle one on the above image)

5. Abit of right click on the header ‘Services’ and right click and ‘inspect element’ gives us the above image. What I can inspect is shown as 1,2,3 which says the three section – one where is the about us , one where is the services and one where is the blog code which is slightly different from other <div class =”service” id=”blog”>. All is fine. So I copied the code and goto home.php and pasted there but there is a dilemma then.

6. If you remove the id=”blog” part, the section goes to the second line, if not there stays a images underneath that. So … the next is I again do inspect element thing and find out the image name is ‘fromblog-bottom.png’ and again with the notepad++  found that it is lying on the style.css

#blog {padding-right: 0px; width:282px; background: url(images/fromblog-bottom.png) no-repeat bottom left; padding-bottom: 16px; position: relative; }

So I removed the background: url(images/fromblog-bottom.png) stuff and hereby I concluded my murder 🙂


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